Year 3

In Year 3 our classes are named after the authors Michael Morpurgo and Michael Rosen.

Morpurgo is taught by Mrs Valhambia and Mrs Carter.

Rosen is taught Mr Munro.

The year group is supported by  Miss Hunnable and Mrs Taylor.

In Year 3 we support the children as they enter the juniors. We enable them to become more independent learners across the curriculum and in the classroom. Throughout the year, we read high-quality texts, as part of our English lessons, to engage the children and support their writing.

Big Enquiry

Autumn  – Why Are The Pyramids One Of The Wonders Of The World?

Spring 1 – Stone Age      Spring 2 – How can we look after our local community

Summer 1 – What Was Life Like For A Tudor Child

Home Learning

We will set reading, Maths (including times tables), spelling and handwriting each week on Fridays, to be completed by the following Tuesday. Please see Home Learning, Year 3 for this each week.

Autumn Term

In September, we ask the question “How do we know that dinosaurs existed?” and we visit the Amersham Field Centre to look at soils and fossils.

After half term, we study “Why are the pyramids one of the wonders of the world?”. The highlight of this term is our Ancient Egyptian day where we dress up, dance and enjoy a feast. We also spend some time on a D and T project making model shadufs.

Spring Term

In January, we ask the question “What was life like in Stone Age Britain?”. This enquiry is popular amongst the children as they learn about the simplicity of life and enjoy replicating cave art.  This half terms sees us visit Butser Ancient Farm where we practise being an archaeologist and learn ancient craft skills.

After half term, we explore “How can we care for our local community?”. We look at the environment around us, including using maps of the local area, and take part in pine pulling on Esher Common.

Summer Term

In April, we ask the question “What was life like for a Tudor child?”. In this half term we consider whether it was healthier to live as a rich or poor family, by looking at housing and food.

After half term, we explore “Why should we protect the tropical rainforests?”. This topic sees us visit RHS Wisley in order to see some of the flora in the hot houses. We learn about the different levels, such as the canopy, and visualise these in art work.

We also study plants for our science topic and what they need for healthy growth.