Year Groups

At Esher Church School we teach children from ages 4-11.  Children start with us in Reception at the age of 4 then continue through to Year 6, the academic year in which they turn 11.

We have two classes per year group.  All of our classes are named after children’s authors:

Reception Year (Year R):Hargreaves Class (RH) and Inkpen Class (RI)
Year 1:Butterworth Class (1B) and Donaldson Class (1D)
Year 2:Blyton Class (2B) and Dahl Class (2D)
Year 3:Morpurgo Class (3M) and Rosen Class (3R)
Year 4:Kipling Class (4K) and Lewis Class (4L)
Year 5:Horowitz Class (5H) and Rowling Class (5R)
Year 6:Pullman Class (6P) and Tolkien Class (6T)

You can read more about what goes on in each class by visiting each year group page.