Esher Church School Academy Trust

A message from the Governors…

As the governing body, we are very proud of our school and what it has achieved over recent years. It is a very happy and successful place, where the partnership between governors, parents, staff and children is outstanding. At the heart of our school is a strong Christian ethos and this is reflected in the aims, culture and values of the school.

A school is a dynamic place, constantly needing to respond to, and develop according to, changing pupil needs and the local and national agenda. As the governing body, maintaining school improvement is our key responsibility and is at the forefront of all that we do.

What we do

While the day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and Leadership Team, we work closely with them on a variety of strategic matters relating to policy, direction and performance.

Governors agree and monitor the strategic aims of the school and help to formulate and review the school improvement plan, as well as to shape long-term policy. We agree the budget and monitor its implementation, are responsible for the recruitment and selection of senior staff and for dealing with a wide range of staffing issues. In addition, we look after the premises. We have a statutory duty to agree, maintain and communicate the framework of policies and procedures within which the school operates. As governors of a church school, we take very seriously our responsibility to protect the ethos and faith of ECS, and work hard to review regularly the perspectives of our key stakeholders.

How we are structured

The governing body at ECS is made up of 16 governors representing the community served by our school. These include the churches in our parishes, our Headteacher, members of staff, and parents.. (Further details of the governors and the offices we hold can be found below).

As a full governing body, we meet once a term. In addition, four smaller committees, each with specific areas of responsibility, meet more often and report back to the governing body. These are: Learning and Teaching, Finance, Christian Distinctiveness and Partnerships & Futures. For full committee information Click here

How to contact us

If you have any questions or issues that you would like to raise with the governors, I would encourage you to contact Edward Dowler, one of our Parent Governors. All Governors may be contacted through the school office or by email on

Useful documents

You may find these documents useful to learn more about our governors:

Governors Meeting Attendance Record

Click here

Register of Interests of the Governing Body

Click here

Governors’ Code of Conduct

Click here

Executive Pay

2022-23 There were no employees whose gross annual salary and benefits exceeded £100k

2023-24 There were no employees whose gross annual salary and benefits exceeded £100k

Esher Church School Trust

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Esher Church School,
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Telephone: 01372 463139

School Trustees

Chair of Trustees (Interim)

Name  Appointed by  From  To 
Mr G. Harper Appointed by Foundation/Trust  03/06/2020 02/06/2024 


Name  Appointed by  From  To 
Mr G. Harper  Appointed by Foundation/Trust  03/06/2020  02/06/2024 
Mr R. Lonnon Appointed by GDET 01/09/2018 31/08/2024
Mr B. Foley   Appointed by Governing Body   01/09/2021  31/08/2025 
Mr O. Seeley  Appointed by Governing Body  17/12/2021  06/12/2025 
Mrs C. Hamilton Appointed by parents/carers 01/09/2023 31/08/2027
Mrs G. Matthews  Appointed by Foundation/Trust  01/07/2021  30/06/2025 
Mr A. Munro  Elected by School Staff  01/10/2021  30/09/2025 
Rev’d D. McCallig  Incumbent of Christ Church, Esher (ex officio)  01/09/2020  01/09/2024 
Mr E. Dowler  Elected by parents/carers 17/12/2021  16/12/2025 
Mrs G. Valter  Elected by School Staff  01/10/2021  30/09/2025 
Mrs K. Chapman Appointed by GDET 29/03/2023  29/03/2027
Mrs M. Kennett Appointed by Foundation/Trust 05/09/2023 05/09/2027
Mrs S. Argent 

Mr M. Phillips

Appointed by Foundation/Trust 

Appointed by Foundation/Trust






Name  Appointed by   
Mr A. Tear  The Guildford Diocese Educational Trust   
Mr G. Harper  Appointed by Foundation/Trust  Interim Chair

Ex Officio Member 

Mr J. Perkins Appointed by Foundation/Trust 
Mr R. Lonnon  Appointed by GDET Joint Vice Chair

Ex Officio Member 

Rev’d D. McCallig  Incumbent of Christ Church, Esher  Ex Officio Member 
Mr A .de la Touche Founding Member