It is always the case at Esher Church School that everybody is most successful when they hold high expectations of themselves and others.  


High expectations permeate across the school whether this is in relation to personal development, attitude and conduct, teaching, learning or leadership. These expectations are underpinned by our four key values: hope, dignity, community and wisdom. Our children deserve nothing less, with our expectations usually leading to the best outcomes for all. 


We believe that our children can be supported to develop good levels of self-motivation through the provision of a strong education. We also know from past experience that an Esher Church School child is always recognisable when they host visitors to our school, when they have educational experiences at other settings and when they transition to secondary school. This is because they are generally naturally confident, engaged, motivated, enthusiastic and organised. 


This stems from the sharing of our expectations during their earlier education. Our parents and carers have the same expectations as the school and therefore Esher Church School provides a safe and purposeful environment in which our children thrive. 

For further information regarding our curriculum please contact Mrs Cotter via office@esherchurchschool.org.uk