Year 2

In Year 2 our classes are named after the authors Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl.

Blyton is taught by Mrs Cotter.

Dahl is taught by Mrs Kainth and Mrs Jones.

The year group is supported by Mrs Pecheva, Mrs O’Brien and Mrs De La Touche.

In Year 2 we consolidate the children’s learning from the infants so they are well prepared for the juniors. We have a real focus on reading independently for pleasure and beginning to identify genres and authors that we have a preference for. We focus on writing with increasing accuracy for a range of purposes and enjoy beginning to join our letters.

Big Enquiry

Autumn 1 – Victorians       Autumn 2 – What Should We Be Thankful For At Christmas?

Spring 1 – How Powerful Is The Sea?    Spring 2 –  How Can I Make my Garden Grow

Summer 1 – Was The Great Fire Of London Really Great

Home Learning

We will set a booklet of half termly learning in the first week of every half term including reading, mental maths and spelling. There is also a menu of optional learn and explore activities linked to the big enquiry. This will be sent home as a booklet but can also be found on the website under Home Learning, Year 2 half termly.

Autumn Term

In September, we ask the question “What makes our school different from Victorian times to today?” and celebrate our learning in a Victorian tea party at the of the half term.  We also take a walk into Esher, and, as detectives, find clues to our Victorian past on the high street. The favourite activity of the term is our visit to the Victorian schoolroom in Guildford, where we  dress as Victorians for the day.

After half term, we study “What should we be thankful for at Christmas?”. The highlight of this term is our own scripted and written Victorian Nativity.

Spring Term

In January, we ask the question “How powerful is the sea?” and we learn about the oceans, the RNLI and the Titanic as well as studying the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by David and Ronda Armitage. This half term also sees us visit the aquarium in London.

After half term, we study “How can I make my garden grow?”. We learn about how to grow and nurture plants through a series of non-fiction texts. We also discover how we can be closer to Jesus in our study of Easter, creating our own Easter gardens and leading our church worship for the Easter service.

Summer Term

In April, we ask the question “Was the Great Fire of London really great?”. In this half term, we consider the events that led to the fire, discover how architecture caused it to spread so quickly and learn about eye-witness Samuel Pepys. We take a ‘firewalk’ in London to follow the footsteps of Pepys and visit the Monument and well as build and burn our own Tudor style houses in D and T at school.

After half term, we learn “What makes Africa a continent?”. This topic sees us look at a series of stories set in Africa as we learn about the differences and diversities in the countries across the continent. The outcome to our learning is a showcase of our African dancing.