Year 5

In Year 5 our classes are named after the authors Anthony Horowitz and J.K. Rowling.

Horowitz is taught by Miss Leach.

Rowling is taught by Mrs Tutty.

The year group is supported by Mrs Clarkson and Mrs Thornhill

In Year 5 we support the children as they enter the upper juniors. We have a real focus on introducing the Year 5/6 writing curriculum and preparing them for life as young adults through opportunities such as our Bikeability course. Reading hugely supports their writing so we expose them to several high-quality texts as a basis for our English lessons.

Big Enquiry

Autumn 1 – How Do Rivers And Water Affect Our Lives   Autumn 2 – Were Vikings Really Vicious

Spring 1 – How Did The Partition Affect India  Spring 2 –  How Did China Develop Into A Global Power

Summer 1 – What Did The Greeks Do For Us

Home Learning

We will set reading, Maths and spelling/SPaG or writing each week on Thursdays, to be completed by the following Tuesday. Please see Home Learning, Year 5 for this each week.

Autumn Term

In September, we ask the question “How do rivers and water affect our lives and landscapes?” and celebrate our learning in a year group assembly.

After half term, we study “Were the Vikings really vicious?”. The highlight of this term is the D and T day where we design, build and test a model Viking longboat.  We also go on a trip Chertsey Museum, where we experience Viking weaponry and visit the remains of the abbey, which was raided and sacked by the Vikings in the 9th century.

Spring Term

In January, we ask the question “How did Partition affect India?”. This enquiry is popular amongst the children as they learn the importance of tolerance of other religions.  This half terms sees us visit the Hindi temple in Neasden, where we observe an Arti ceremony.

After half term, we study “How did China develop into a global trading power?”. We learn about the infancy of trade along the Silk Road before their change in thinking caused them to look inwards when the West were looking outwards.

Summer Term

In April, we ask the question “What did the Greeks ever do for us?”. In this half term we consider the origins of democracy and the Olympic Games as well as studying Greek mythology, to write our own.  In May we take our residential trip to the PGL activity centre, Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. This is always the highlight of the year.

After half term, we learn “Why should we care for our world?”. This topic sees us look at environments being altered, plastic pollution and the topic of fracking in our key text.