Senior School Destinations & Scholarships

We are fortunate to be served by excellent local secondary school provision at Esher High School.  Esher High School is also part of the Guildford Diocese family of church schools and, as such, shares the values of Esher Church School, enabling our children to continue their education in a nurturing, caring and academically rigorous environment.  We work closely with our colleagues at Esher High to ensure that the transition between the two schools is smooth.

Each year, approximately half of our Year 6 children continue their education in the independent sector.  Schools that our pupils regularly transfer to for year 7 include:

Claremont Fan Court
City of London Freemens
Guildford High School
Halliford School
Hampton School
Kingston Grammar School
Royal Grammar School, Guildford
St George’s College
St John’s
Surbiton High School

To support our pupils in achieving places at these competitive schools we offer after school classes in 11 plus maths, English and verbal and non verbal reasoning in the run up to the entrance exams.

The Principals of these secondary schools always feed back very positively about the performance of our children during selection days; they report that the children not only represent themselves well academically but also that they are well rounded, confident and reflect our school values in their conduct and manners – we couldn’t ask for more.

Each year, several of our children achieve scholarships to continue their education in the independent sector.  These might be academic scholarships or those specific to art or sports.

As your child moves through Esher Church School we are happy to offer advice on the secondary school options available to them.