Performance Data

High academic attainment is important to us at Esher Church School and we are extremely proud of all our children achieve.  We are an inclusive school and we welcome all children, including those who may have a range of learning needs or disabilities, to our school community.  Our aim is always to provide excellent teaching which enables every child, including our most able children, to flourish and to make excellent progress from their own starting point.

In some year groups we have significant levels of transition.  This means children leave us before the end of year 6 to, for example, move overseas – recently we have had families move to Australia, Singapore, the USA, Canada and to other areas of Europe and the UK.

Many of our children move into independent sector after starting their education at Esher Church School.  For a majority of our children this transition occurs at the end of year 6, although some independent schools who have vacant places in their primary provision may make offers to our children earlier in their school journey, usually in year 5, so that they can secure the child’s transition into their secondary provision at an earlier stage.

Of course, any places at Esher Church School left vacant by these leavers are usually filled quickly by children on our waiting lists.  The children who join us later have often not had the same high quality start to their education as they would have done had they been at Esher Church School since reception and, particularly if they have joined us in years 5 or 6, despite our best efforts, we do not always have sufficient time to enable them to reach the high standard we would like them to achieve at the end of year 6.  We are, however, always hugely impressed by the progress the children make from their starting point during their time with us and this, to us, is more important than any negative impact that including these children in our community may have on the data we are required to publish.

Overall, academic attainment at Esher Church School is consistently high, with the majority of children achieving at least the expected standard and very many achieving even higher standards at the end of each assessment point.

End of Key Stage 2 Tests and Teacher Assessments

The table below shows our outcomes for the 2018-19 academic year. In 2018-19 we had an unusually high number of children join us during years 5 and 6, some who arrived speaking no or very little English, and others arriving from South Africa and Australia with no experience of UK schooling, hence our results appear to be lower than we would ordinarily expect. We are immensely proud of the progress that these children made during their time with us and expect them to continue to make rapid progress at their secondary schools.
In the table below RWM stands for reading, writing and maths – that is children who achieved the standard in all three subjects. GPS stands for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.

MeasureSurreyNationalEsher Church School All pupilsEsher Church School Non-mobile pupils
RWM Expected Standard70%65%65%71%
RWM Higher Standard14%11%21%21%
Reading Expected Standard79%73%77%84%
Reading Higher Standard35%27%39%41%
Reading Average Scaled Score106104106107
Reading Progress0.
Writing Expected Standard80%78%72%80%
Writing Greater Depth23%20%25%26%
Writing Progress-0.60.0-1.1-0.9
GPS Expected Standard82%78%81%85%
GPS Higher Standard42%36%32%35%
GPS Average Scaled Score108106106107
Maths Expected Standard82%79%82%88%
Maths Higher Standard33%27%37%41%
Maths Average Scaled Score106105106107
Maths Progress-

The table below shows our three year trend for end of year 6 SATs test outcomes.

Expected StandardExpected StandardExpected StandardHigher StandardHigher StandardHigher Standard

End of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments

MeasureSurreyNationalEsher Church School 2019
Reading Expected Standard79%75%85%
Reading Greater Depth31%25%59%
Writing Expected Standard72%69%76%
Writing Greater Depth17%15%22%
Maths Expected Standard78%76%85%
Maths Greater Depth24%22%44%

Year 1 Phonics Screening

MeasureSurreyNationalEsher Church School 2019
Y1 Expected Standard84%82%88%

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (Reception)

MeasureSurreyNationalEsher Church School 2019
Good Level of Development78%72%87%

More information about our school’s academic performance can be found HERE.