Year 2

Year 2 is an exciting and important year for the children at Esher Church School as this is their final year as an infant before heading to the juniors.

We finish KS1 with a fantastic set of half termly Big Enquiry questions which we apply across our curriculum. Our questions are:

  • What makes our school different from Victorian times to today?
  • What should we be thankful for at Christmas?
  • How powerful is the sea?
  • How can I make my garden grow?
  • Was the Great Fire of London was really great?
  • What makes Africa a continent?

When we return to school, we will be learning about the history of our school because the original Esher Church School was built during the reign of Queen Victoria’s uncle King Leopold of Belgium.

We learn what is was like to go to school during Victorian times and read a Victorian story called ‘Oliver’.

In Year 2 our classes are named after the authors Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl.

Blyton Class is taught by Mrs Cotter and Dahl Class is taught by Miss Leach.

Trips and Visits

In the Autumn term we go to visit and experience a Victorian era classroom where we will be spending the day in Victorian clothing, including our teachers! We will also spend some time in Esher looking at our original school building and searching for Victorian clues.

We visit the Sea Life Centre, London in the Spring Term to support our ‘How Powerful is the Sea?’ big enquiry question and we even eat our lunch next to the shark tank!

Finally, we have a visit of Pudding Lane in London in the Summer term to support our ‘Was the Great Fire of London really great?’ big enquiry. We have a guide who teaches us how to be every day historians by looking all around us and we climb the Monument which is quite tiring because it has 311 steps.

Year 2 Highlights!

Being the oldest Infant classes is super exciting because we get extra privileges such as, we get to queue and choose our lunch in the dinner hall, sit on the benches in Infant assemblies and at the end of the year, we get awarded with our Junior tie in a special assembly.

We also write, prepare and perform a Victorian themed Christmas Nativity for our parents and grandparents as well as delivering the Easter service in Church which is a very special honour.

We can do recorder club with Mrs Bell, Construction club with Mrs Brindley and Mrs Hunter as well as a range of other clubs. You can find out about clubs on our website. All you need to do is ask your parents to download the forms from the website.

Home Learning

Each half term, we get a new home learning booklet where we record our reading, mental maths and spelling work we have been practising at home. We also get a menu of exciting Learn and Explore Activities which we can choose to do over the half term. We get to show our Learn and Explore activities in Show and Tell.

We get our comprehension books on a Friday which follows up the reading we have done at home that week. Our parents help us to choose an activity from a menu that we can do based on the book. Popular activities are: design a new front cover; create a wordsearch with key words from the book; write a letter to or from a character and write a summary of the book. We hand in our comprehension work on a Wednesday.