Year 1

Year one is lots of fun because we learn about Superheroes and we answer the question ‘What makes Britain great?’

In Year 1 our classes are named after the authors Julia Donaldson and Nick Butterworth.

Donaldson Class is taught by Mrs Brindley who is supported by Miss Williamson.

Butterworth Class is taught by Mrs Hunter (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur) and by Mrs Kemp (Fri). This class is supported by Miss Kelly.

In Year 1 we support the children in making a smooth transition from Early Years to Key Stage 1. We encourage them to become increasingly independent through child initiated learning. This interactive way of learning allows  the teacher to spend more quality time with the children, encouraging them to respond straight away to feedback and enabling them to achieve to the best of their ability.

Home Learning

Please see your child’s Home Learning folder every Friday. Home Learning is due back in school the following Tuesday.
Literacy, maths and Science:

To find out what we do in literacy, maths and science on a weekly basis, please see our notice on our classroom doors.

Big Enquiries:

Autumn Term:

In September we ask the question ‘What makes a Superhero?’. We think about what makes us super and we design, make and evaluate our own superhero bear.

Mr Men and Little Miss stories help us to become more confident story tellers and in maths we begin our journey through the mental maths challenge.

After half term we start our seasons topic with autumn and winter with our first trips to the woods.

In RE we consider the questions, Who is Jesus? What is Christmas? and Why do Christians go to church?

Spring Term:

In the spring term we continue to investigate the seasons (spring) considering the impact on the local animals with another visit to the woods. In February we will also visit the British Wildlife Centre.

We then travel from our local area to also explore Wales, Scotland and Ireland. On each of our visits we will be exploring food, flags, dances, languages, local landmarks and traditions.

In RE we will learn about what Jews celebrate and we try to answer the question ‘Is Easter happy or sad?’.

Summer Term:

In the first half of the term we embark on the topic of ‘Journeys’ and travel back in time to learn the history of transport to enable us to answer the question ‘How has transport changed over time?’. This exciting topic begins with a trip to Brooklands museum where we discover the modes of transport our great grandparents and grandparents used. We also look at space travel and explore the exciting lives of George Stevenson and Neil Armstrong and what the future in space travel holds. With this in mind we look at how transport has changed over the course of time and design a futuristic mode of transport.

Our final visit to the woods is to investigate summer leaves and to consider the changes observed over the previous visits.

In RE we look at how we care for God’s world and we take a closer look at the Bible.