Reception 2020 Parent Page

We are delighted that your child will be joining us in September 2020.  If you are a new family to the school we extend a special welcome to all of you.

Due to the current circumstances around temporary school closures we are not able to confirm how our induction programme will look this year at this point in time.  However, rest assured we will put plans in place to make sure your children settle into our school community happily and that we support you through the process too.

Our Starting in Reception Induction Booklet is available for you here.


We are often asked how parents can best prepare their children for starting school.  The most important things you can do to support your child’s transition are:

Read stories to/with your child and learn nursery rhymes together.  This makes the most significant difference to your child’s start at school.

Promote their independence – dressing/undressing/putting on coat

Encourage them to eat with a knife and fork and carry plates to and from the table and clear their own plate

Practise recognising and writing name (using correct pencil grip and letter formation)

Improve familiarity with numbers – hunting for different numbers when out walking, pairing socks together.

Play games (memory games, rhyming games and board games with dice).  This makes a really significant difference to children’s cognitive ability and ability to recognise number and word patterns.

Spend lots of time with and have lots of fun with your child.

We are sorry that we have not been able to invite you into school for our usual Induction Event this year.  We have instead produced a remote induction event which has been sent by email and is available by following the link below.

Induction Event 2020

Thank you for joining our Zoom Question and Answer session – we hope that we answered all your questions.  Please remember that you can contact the school office if you have any more questions or concerns.

Parent Guide to Handwriting

This link will take you to a guide to the handwriting scheme that we use in school.  It contains some notes for parents and examples of correct letter formation.

So if you don’t know your ‘curly caterpillar’ from your ‘zigzag monsters’ this is the document for you!

Handwriting Guide