Recent events

22nd June : Y6 visited Christ Church, Esher on Friday as part of our RE topic 'How do churches help us understand Christian Beliefs?' The Rev. Darren spoke about the font and Last Supper stained glass window, before answering some questions. It was worth the wet walk to get there!
16th June : Thank you to Lucy and the Eco Prefects for planting out our veg boxes and pots. Thank you too Garsons Esher, who donated the plants.
10th June - As part of year 1's Big Enquiry 'How will we travel in the future?' we had a very special visitor this week. A pupil's uncle, who was an RAF pilot and now a commercial pilot, came to talk about how aeroplanes work - from paper planes, to balloon propelled helicopters.
26th May : The weather did it’s very best for Year 4 for their house rounders competition. With some big hits and fast running it was no surprise that scores were close. Our value awards went to Matt, Anton and Luca for displaying excellent teamwork, tactics and support for others.
21st May : Year 6 visited the Church of the Holy Name Esher as part of our topic ‘How can churches help us to understand Christian Beliefs’. The children prepared questions for the sacristan and her fellow volunteers beforehand, who were very helpful. Thank you to them for making us so welcome.
20th May ; The School Parliament were feeling creative and made posters to help remind their classes about the Mufti Day next Thursday 27th May. Children are being encouraged to wear an outfit to represent the career that they would like to do in the future.
19th May : Year 1 have learnt to build an animated water scene using code. They instructed the computer to move objects in different directions across the screen. Then they learnt how to do it on the smart-board and then they practised it on the iPad. They loved it!
18th May : Thomas in Year 4 has been awarded Merit in his Grade 3 singing. He was only 3 points away from Distinction What an amazing achievement, well done Thomas!
13th May : Year 1 have been learning about Capacity. The big question of the week is: Is a cup half full or half empty? We have been using mathematical language to describe the amount of water in containers: half full, nearly full, empty etc.
12th May : Reception have been learning about halving, starting with objects and then moving onto numbers. The children have been working together to make sure that they can share the cubes fairly so that they have half each.
11th May : Year 3 investigated the features of an Ordnance Survey map and were excited to find Esher Church School.
7th May : Year 6 arrived safely at High Ashurst and have been enjoying the sunshine and space.
6th May: Year 6 really enjoyed the visit of Revd Darren McCallig, @esherparish today. They asked some great questions and were very interested to find out lots about Darren and his job and religion. “Is God dead or alive?” was a very deep discussion. Thank you Darren for coming to see us!
4th May : Cleo cut her lovely long hair so that she could donate her tresses to The Little Princess Trust. They provide free real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through medical treatments. Well done to Cleo and what a great new look!
30th April : When asking Year 1 What makes Britain Great? the children thought of questions that they would ask The Queen. Lucy C actually sent her questions to The Queen at Windsor Castle, and she got a reply from The Queen's Lady-in-waiting, AMAZING! Lucy has been sharing her letter and leaflets with us, thank you Lucy.
29th April: The Reception children were very excited in their technology and computing lessons this week as they were learning how to use the remote control cars! They enjoyed steering them backwards and forwards through each other’s legs and under tables and chairs.
28th April: Year Two have really enjoyed learning how to use the ACE Spelling Dictionary in English this week.
27th April: The children enjoyed building dens for their animals during Forest School yesterday.
23rd April: We are delighted that Sebby in Y1 has been announced as a runner up for his age group in the Breck Foundation Online Safety Superhero competition (age 4-7 group). Congratulations to Sebby!
22nd April: As part of their science topic about The Seasons, Year 1 have been looking for signs of spring. They were thrilled to take their photos with the cherry blossom trees.
21st April: The children had a wonderful time in the sunshine yesterday afternoon, enjoying our Forest School club.
20th April: The children in Reception enjoyed looking at the long oo sound yesterday. They worked really hard and wrote a number of words that included the oo sound, like loop.